So I must apologize for forgetting my phone this morning and let me tell you when and where I was as I realized it.

I woke this morning at 5:30am started the coffee pot and popped down on the couch to check the emails and stare at “Married with children” – I just can’t help myself this show is hilarious and a prime example of how negative some people are, Al Bundy’s character highly motivates me to get up and get going …

Cup of coffee and a banana down I go into the garage and do a quick little stretch 5:55 off I go I ride down a fairly busy road (not that early though) called route 9, birds chirping the air crisp me wishing at this moment that I had some kind of arm warmers on; fully awake I charge ahead 20-21mph thinking about how happy I am to be on my bike so early in the morning (without a flat tire) and sharing the mind space with all that will be accomplished during the day.

Fast forwarding I am now in Wildwood and by the way as I went over the North Wildwood Bridge looking out at the sun sparkling on the crisp water I totally go into an awe moment… this is when I begin thinking instead of posting my video at the end I will do it during the video as soon as I get to the beach.   There I am the Wildwood sign in the background, the beach crisp clean an abandoned with the knee high waves crashing and the sun now prominently displayed making the air so full I can’t help to think how the world around me looks but knowing it is still full of life, I just have to do my video now as this is the start to every day; empty yet full!   What NOOOOO (this is when I reached into my pocket and realized I forgot my phone 😦 … I am sorry!)

I am here now typing out just how picturesque that moment was because it could not go without being noticed.

I promise to make it back to that very spot to at the minimum capture the moment with a still photo!

An amazing, beautiful start to a day it was and a great realization of appealingly empty a moment can look yet still have so much going on; there truly is a beauty in silence!

Make it a Silent but Deadly day!