I should start by saying I appologize for not making my recent updates over the weekend. We here had a semi exciting one:

Saturday morning we leave the house at 5am to go to the Jersey Genesis Triathlon and notice that our Mazda parked in front of the house has been involved in a hit and run 😦  unable to do anything about it at that time we had to let go of it.

Completed the 1/4 mile swim, 16 mile bike & 4 mile run in 1:43:30  which was 143 of 233

After the race we dealt with the car filing the police report and realizing that nobody was going to come forth …

Sunday I did some running around but took the bike out for a total of a 20 mile bike ride then hung out with my nephew Jacob 3 years old, we get to play fire fighter … I can’t wait for our girl to get here she is kind of due any day now 🙂

Today Monday is a day of relaxing and promoting the Join AJ page locally, I met with Cain Chamberlin writer of Cape May Star and Wave who is going to help us out and do a story to spread the word.

Negative of the weekend = piece of metal got damaged and is going to cost us a fortune BUT worse is the sadness that another person hides from claiming their responsibilities in life.

Positives of the weekend = House of Print has agreed to be a sponsor, Copper Fish on Broadway has also agreed to be a sponsor, Check them out also people = Obvious , Story in the paper

More positives, I finished another Triathlon, I got to spend time with my family, My baby girl is getting closer to coming out!

It’s Hard BUT don’t let the negative things become bigger then they are because there is to much greatness to focus on!