To start let me say I am the guy that knows I can do ANYTHING!  However often realizing after the fact how challangeing a task is that I have accepted.  Prime example is the first half marathon that I ever ran was on April 1, 2012, I trained 2 times the week of the race for a total, yes a total of 7 miles before starting the race; I did complete it 1:58

When we run, at least when I run I think a lot and each of these videos often highlight my thought:

Realizing how difficult this is going to be to run my first ever marathon & century bike ride, I am grateful to have support and motivation!

Thank you &
for believing that I can do this and becoming a sponsor.

Thank you everybody for continuing to provide positive feedback and sharing this with your friends to not only keep me motivated but to do what we are real goal is, raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Thank You!