Be Kind. This is a picture of a piece of art we found in Walmart the otherday and “Be Kind” really fit todays thought of the day. As you know I prefer to post video although my guess without asking is that as Kelly is in Labor she would not like for me to be making a video, YES you read that correct she is in labor and we’re having a baby 🙂 I completed my longest run since the half marathon on April 1 2012. Today was a 10 mile run in 1:30:22 and I almost got hit by a car twice and the amount of people that did not move to share the sidewalk was rediculous; which is why I highlighted the “Be Kind” part. Why is it that I see people riding their bikes without helmets, speeding down the road, drinking and driving, not holding doors for others . . . You get what I’m saying . . . Treat others how you want to be treated! It upsets me that the world has come to accept this ignorant behavior for normal. The change starts with me, meaning the one reading this. Don’t accept the world to continue down this root by behaving like this or raising our children to behave like this, be the change!