Our Baby is Here:

Kelly suffered through 16.5 hours (OMG Women you are AMAZING!!!) of painful, painful back-labor and reaching 9cm’s dialated our baby was deliver via C-Section because she was faced.

We have been in the hospital since Saturday evening and still here and hopefully will be realesed very soon as we would like to get our little  princess home.



Time Stands Still –

The moment I got to pick my lady up and hold her in my arms was amazing but later that day when she looked
into my eyes through to my heart I was done!  I have had many friends tell me how great being a parent is in many different fashions of using multiple different adjectives attempting to capture the feeling.  Nobody could ever manage to describe it and nor can I.  What I have learnt already is that both Kelly and I are now offically members of the “secret of life club”  a club that only the members can know but never have the power to share.

In-fact we can try and describe the chills that run through our bodies or the joyful tears the roll down our faces as our own child looks deep into our hearts and we into theirs but believe me you, this will not remotely prove to be a good description of being a member.

I have had the privalage of hanging out with my 3 year old nephew many of times, actually he is one of my best friends but it wasn’t until the other day while we were walking around the hospital talking about what a privalage it is for him to be an older cusin and describing what jelousy is and why he should not feel that way, that I finally realized how much he gets to teach me.  Now that I am a “member” when Jacob said Uncle AJ look at the birds I looked up and saw not just the birds but the different shades of green leaves on the trees, the multiple shades of gray, the white and blues in the sky and the birds playing in the air.  As a skydiver I have always thought that I was aware enough to really “know” what was giong on around me but NO not until becoming a “member” and a 3 year old pointing out:

Life does not move fast, we move fast inside of life.  Time Stands Still and I will enjoy every second for what it is … a special moment that belongs to me.

Meet my meaning of life “Sky – Lir Rossi Stelacio”- Born June 10, 2012 7pounds 2 ounces 20″long    <Her first name is Sky-Lir (Lir is an Irish word that means sea) – the meaning of her name is “Your future is in your horizon”> <Rossi is Kelly’s last name and is Sky’s middle name> <Stelacio is our last name and one day will be Kelly’s too>

She will be known as “Sky”