This morning my new addition to the family, Baby Sky woke at the perfect time for a feeding, 5am. Instead of climbing back into bed after changing Sky’s diaper and helping Kelly get into position, the coffee pot was started the background noise was on and the motivation began. Wanting to make sure the time was taken full advantage of for being able to accomplish the full marathon in October for Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and the 100 mile bike ride for the National MS Society, I completed the cardio/abs dvd of the Insanity program (Wow!) Watered the garden then went out for a 3 mile run. Like normal the run set me into deep thought;

Is it harder to live life by form of discipline or to be undisciplined?

Traditionally I think being undisciplined, eating that bag of chips, drinking the two litter bottle of soda and eating deep fried foods while sitting on the couch sounds like the perfect way to really relax . . . No Stress Right?

This morning the thought came rolling through my head how happy I am; constantly pushing myself physically and mentally to become a better person. Tough, tough work it is but yet I do not sit on the couch in sorrow of how I would like to see things change and do nothing about it . . . I accept the challenge to go after what is important to me and my family. Realizing the level of happiness that is generally always between my ears a true realization comes to mind:

Don’t sit back and beat yourself up mentally dreaming of the things that should be in your life, where you should be, what you should have accomplished . . . GET OFF YOUR ASS and GO GET IT!

Although judging by the cover it is harder to live life by form of discipline, life is actually easier. You get to have everything you possibly want, you get to help those around you, you get a true fulfillment.

Please remember, I do not only live this life for the health benefits it brings to myself or the hopes that you will find the right motivation in yourself to accomplish what you desire; I push myself because of the full 26.2 mile marathon that I will run in October and the 100 mile bike ride in September. These posts and events are being completed on behalf of both the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society: To the right of your screen are the logo’s please click on one and make a donation – the funds are going directly to the foundation, not a cent to me. – I do this to raise awareness for these two diseases that do not have cures. Please help out by subscribing to this post, sharing on Facebook and telling your friends… all forms of motivation and donations help the cause.


Make Everyday Count, It’s Your Only One