For the past two weeks the “schedule” has been completely adjusted in fact Sky and I had a conversation the other morning about Daddy needing to get back to his regular routine of early morning exercising and healthy eating.  Daddy & Sky’s conversation, although Sky not verbally saying anything . . .

“Baby Girl, Daddy needs you to get on a regular routine”

“Daddy what are you talking about we already have a great routine.  I sleep for two hours or less, wake, get my diaper changed then eat, make another dirty diaper, stare at you and give you a couple smiles then fall asleep to do it again.”

“True but Sky on this routine I am having to drink all of my breakfastes and I am lacking on the sleep and I need that so I can keep exercising to show you a healthy lifestyle”

“What’s wrong with that Daddy, I drink all of my meals and exercise, don’t worry I’m getting heavier, that will be plenty of exercise.”

“Fair point but you haven’t tasted eggs yet and Daddy really likes his 2 Eggs 50% egg white with spinach, tomato & mushrooms.”

“Dad just drink your eggs.  My diaper is dirty can you change it please”

“ewww Baby Girl you can become very ill from doing that, OK lets go . . .”

During the time of her laying there as I changed her diaper I quickly realized that she never agreed to change her schedule for me . . . How am I going to stay on target?  Looks like Daddy is going to become a “WEEKEND WARRIOR”

Sounds PERFECT; Family comes before everything!  For those of you who are either experienced or new parents who have hobbies and also work full time jobs, stay at home parents include being a full time job!  I am sure you have been through what I am experiencing right now.

The plan is to complete 500 biked miles per month and 100 miles ran per month all between the hours of 5:30am – 7am when I have to get ready for work and leave by 7:30.  As of the recent that time has either been filled with time spent with a dear friend of mine, “the pillow” or stairing at Sky.

The weekend is here and there is no need to be out of the house at any particular time, I could not be more excited!!!   If you recall from earlier or from your own parenting experience, Sky will sleep at about two hour segments; this is when I will get to go play on the bike then make it home in time to hang out with her and Kelly; I am very excited!

All this time I had it wrong I used to think that person who only participated in their event as a “Weekend Warrior” was not that dedicated . . . WHO KNEW . . . The level of devotion that was laying beneath the surface.  Did that just remind me of the old saying that we were taught as kids, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Oh NO it’s starting . . . “I’m sounding like my parents”

What ever it takes, do what you say you will do!