This day proved to be an AWESOME DAY! Below is Chef Geoff of Copper Fish on Broadway with his “Recognition” Size Donation Check made out to Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

Potentially Inapropriate but not even close as it is just a goofy dance …. Below is myself, AJ doing a happy celebration dance to beginning to move closer towards the $5,000. Goal for Parkinson’s Disease Foundation ….

This donation now brings the total to $450. for PDF . . . Are you willing to step up to the plate and make the next $50 to bring that total to the $500 marker?

Are you able to make a $10 donation then share the website/post with your friends who also might be able to make a $10 donation?

This weekends goal is to break the $500 marker so please help!

A little about where the funds go within the PDF: This is a link to some education that is provided through their research. Because my Grandfather has Parkinson’s I am greatful for the education that they have available for me to learn how to help him!

Make sure you live life to the fullest and always Have FUN!!!