Here I am researching for a post about bicycle safety when I realize my battery is disapating.  Upon returning to the livingroom I see Kelly apsolutely enjoying the present moment that she is sharing with Sky who is sleeping on top of her.  I share with Kelly as I plug in my power-cord,

“I love you so much”                

she asks, “Why”

“Why, what do you mean”

“I mean why, why do you love me so much”

“At this moment, a reason I love you is because of how content you are with our child laying abreast, the kind of content that teaches me to embrace the moment that we are in right now; I love you because you teach me lessons with out trying.”

Shocked that Kelly asked why and didn’t just do the usual I love you too, although she will ask mindful questions like this from time to time, it totally threw me off and I am glad because this is a lesson I constantly need to be reminded of; I am sure we all from time to time need to be reminded; True happiness is about the moment called the present.

One of the books Sky and I are reading is, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki and one of our favorite lessons that we have acquired thus far is:

“Our body and mind are not two  and not one.  If you think your body and mind are two, that is wrong; if you think that they are one, that is also wrong.  Our body and mind are both two and one.” 

That is actually quoted from page 7 of the book – the very beginning of it.  The book continues to go on to suggest proper techniques for finding yourself and being aware.

Todays world presents many material items from that brand new fuel efficient car  to that sexy pair of shades and even that brand new triathlon bike, that we/I tend to spend much time dreaming about and miss what we have in front of us NOW.  There have been many times in life that I myself have discussed the golden door of opportunity; make sure your aware and your eyes are open because when that door comes you don’t want to miss out; that new job, a great sale or possibly an entrance into a new relationship.  When that moment presents itself you have to be aware not to miss out.

The lesson Kelly reminds me of today about being conscious of every breath/moment, IS the true opportunity we have, this makes me a little sad; sad because of the moments that I might have already missed because I was focusing my time searching for my “golden door” and not realizing, I have my golden door.  We are living in the now creating the past, the future does not exist.  This reminder makes me very happy though, because I am brought into the now.  Live with me in this moment and be grateful for the abundance of life that you/I have, as not everybody is as lucky as us.

Why do I love you so much? Because you teach/remind me that as long as we have our breaths of life together, we have everything!

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” -Buddha-