July 4th presented its self as the perfect day to me, I got to live the life of a professional athlete.

Woke at 6am to hang out with Sky for 3 hours while Kelly got to catch up on some well deserved sleep.

9am Kelly made egg white, mushroom mozzarella wraps

10am – 12pm I worked on taking my Iphone4 apart & organizing some photo’s on the computer

12pm-1pm we had a turkey & cheese quesadilla with some left over cucumber salad (the cucumber was the first cucumber picked from our garden 🙂

1pm-2pm Rode my bike in the garage on my trainer while watching “Super Bad” (probably for the 400th time)

2pm-3pm Ran 5 miles (WOW was it hot out there)

3:30-4pm Yoga (we have Comcast with on demand and there is this great Yoga program designed for runners)

The rest of the evening was back to family time.  We went to Kelly’s families house for a BBQ then off to Wildwood to watch a live band in the park.  Sky was awake and alert as ever so her and I danced for a while before she decided she wanted something to eat and a nap; I think she knew she wanted to wake up for the fireworks later.

10pm Fireworks started and went for 20 minutes Wildwood did a spectacular job.  Sky woke halfway through and watched the fireworks while Kelly was holding her.

July 4th was the PERFECT DAY for me because it allowed me the ability to spend quality time with every important aspect of my life, although I did not get to see everybody who is important to me, I did get to spend time with my family & exercising.

Having Sky has truly created some difficult obstacles when it comes to scheduling but what is important to me will find a way to be prioritized in my life.  I guess what I can say I learned from the 4th is that I can live everyday full of everything that is important, as long as I live in the moment & prioritize properly.