Why is it that we have to wait until something is gone to realize how much we cherished it?

If somebody told you now as an adult that is HOT would you still touch it?

A relationship is a constant piece of work to always stay fresh, if you forget to let your partner know – through actions because actions speak louder than words – how important they are to you, they will forget!

The first few months of a relationship are spent throwing down the best cards, picking the most romantic of dates, cooking the best dishes & sharing your thoughts.  As time goes on a relationship finds itself like that loaf of bread on your counter, old and stale; your partner begins to not feel important and fights begin over small blemishes.  Why does this happen?  Is it because the deck hand has diminished?  Is there not enough love inside of your heart to create a new hand?  The relationship grows so does your knowledge of your partner, what will make your partner tear out of happiness?

I am probably not the first person to mention this as there are books on the subject and of course many articles on the internet but I will say it again because I have personal experience with how great life is when you constantly stay aware enough to let those around you know how much you care.

Just the other day I realized that I had not done anything recently “spectacular” to let Kelly know how much I love her and how important she is to me, by recently I mean it has been about two months.

Six Steps to Forever Love:  

1. You are responsible for yourself

2. Talk don’t yell

3. Live in the moment/now/present

4. Share your thoughts

5. Go for the WOW Factor

6. Expect Nothing

I share this story to provide an example of the above tips from my heart:

The goal, quite peaceful time with my family to let them know they are my world = PICNIC

With the cost of a new picnic basket being around $75, I hunted around (two weeks) and found a one at a thrift store for $5.00 in need of a little cleaning = no big deal.

Purchased a vinyl table cloth to dress the inside of the basket

Purchased a large cloth, table cloth to sit on

Plastic cups

Plastic plates

I did actually show Kelly the basket and everything that I had purchased (total $25) partially because I was so excited and wanted to share plus to begin to get her excited and to let her see the work that I will do to get us ready our picnic … Kelly was ecstatic at the idea of going on a picnic and couldn’t believe how much I love her to think of an event like this.

Saturday morning came and why she was prepping herself I made deviled eggs, cut some fresh veggies, turkey wraps then cut them into one inch bite size pieces and chopped some watermelon, we picked up a bottle of champagne on the way and headed to Cape May Point Light House Park which also has three different walking options for after our meal.

This entire day was amazing, the breeze as we sat in the shade under the tree, Sky smiling and letting us know she loves us, Kelly speechlessly starring into my heart to let me know how grateful she is but most of all what made this absolutely perfect was how good it made me feel to show Kelly she is my world.

What Kelly does for me every day that is greater then what I do for her, she sends me a text message when she wakes to say “I love you or Good Morning My Love”

A relationship will diminish if not constantly worked on; do not wait until it is gone to try and fix it.

Because dementia is often tied into old age and many illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease, it is my goal that if dementia ever sets into myself or Kelly that we both have so many romantic memories that at least one of them sticks.

How do you want to be remembered?