The sign of a weekend heightens the activity level due to the lack of needing to be at work. 4:30am Saturday begins; being very excited that Delmo Sports is hosting a sprint triathlon training event today starting at 6am about 7 miles from my house it was fairly easy to wake.  As the clock turns 5:15am the warrior heads to the training grounds thinking the whole time, “I will not tri, I will DO!” Anxiously waiting without anybody’s arrival the clock turned 6:00am the warrior began wondering where everyone else was?  Scratching his head he checks his warrior tool, Facebook, to learn he is a day early.  Any regular person might see this as an opportunity to go home and get an extra hour of sleep however a “Warrior” must seize the moment.  Pulling the sword of opportunity out, this is a great time for training, he embarks on a 40 mile round trip bike ride with a backpack full of gear which is now pre-packed for Sundays event.

The bike ride was 2:15 (including the initial 7 miles) of adrenaline pumping fun.  The warrior is now satisfied with the day of training and gets to spend some well-deserved family time.

Alarm chiming at 4:30am Sunday morning the Warrior rises out of bed, slightly sluggishly as the warriorette persuades him out of bed with a persuasive punch to the side of the arm . . . he is now ready to concur the day! Arriving at the training event the warrior is realizing why the day before a triathlon race he does not exercise he is beginning to get nervous for his performance but will not let that stand in the way of completing the challenge as a true warrior knows:

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” – Buddha .

After completing the training event of .25 mile swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run there is still another 10 mile bike to complete to get back home but this will be done with ease as the warrior knows, waiting for him is his treasured Queen and Princess along with a fun filled day packed with togetherness.

The weekends are the most amazing stretches with much time available to exercise for the 100 mile bike ride September 29th on behalf of MS & the Marine Corp Marathon 26.2 mile run October 28th PLUS yes PLUS spend some quality time with family and friends.

.25 miles swam

3 miles ran

67 miles biked

No Donations

This warrior needs your help, he has the motivation to continue pushing through the physical and mental challenges to accomplish these two events however he still needs your help to achieve the donation goal required to participate;

Pick your Charity, either PDF or MS to the right of your screen, click the their logo, make a donation = 1 minute of your time = a feeling of helping = YOU ROCK!

Even a Warrior Needs Help!