This was a really great week!  There is still some exercising left for today but I have ran 16 miles thus far and biked 30, week starting Monday.

Today has started very great as I helped out a friend at Delmo Sports help promote the 2nd Annual Atlantic City Triathlon by handing out as many flyers on cars as possible at the Stone Harbor Triathlon AND because I am trying to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society I plastered those cars with Join AJ Flyers too (sorry I had to but you might not of made it here otherwise)

Achieving our goals are difficult and challanging!  We can accomplish anything we want to , yes it will be hard, yes we will doubt ourselves yet if we stick to the plan, we, you, I, can do ANYTHING!

Thank you for helping out with Join AJ by leaving your comments (knowing you are there encouraging me to continue really helps), sharing this website with your friends, family & coworkers, & most importantly making your donations to your prefered charity!  I am greatful and so is everybody who suffers from these ailments!