Friday and Saturday nights are nights that it is just Sky and I as Kelly goes to work.  For five hours it is time for just the two of us to bond and although my daughter doesn’t speak words, she is only five weeks old, she speaks a lot.

Friday night was one of the largest challenges that I have faced thus far, I have been apart of many exciting and thrilling  adventures in life and put myself on the edge many of times yet nothing can hurt more then your child staring into your heart with pain and you don’t know what to do.  Friday was that, a night full of tears; fed, clean, bathed and periodic naps, what could these fusses be about?  While I felt I was providing sufficient attention I was still attempting to get personal tasks completed which led to me becoming frustrated because Sky would not sleep longer for me to complete said tasks and probably resulting in not providing enough attention to detail.

Saturday afternoon when Sky began providing a perfect fussing example, I handed her off to Kelly and asked for her to teach me her ways; it was simple she was hungry.  Saturday evening was a breeze; clean, full, loved and napping.  With each squeak that came I checked each angle that might need addressing and fulfilled the void.  What I found to be a challenge yesterday was much simpler today.

Eat, Sleep, Poop, Love and Attention.  Life is that simple for newborns and what Sky provides for me as a lesson today, it is also that simple for us as adults.

Garth Brooks sings a song, “If tomorrow never comes” Lyrics from that song include:

“If tomorrow never comes

Will she know how much I loved her”

Do we show the ones around us, how important they are to us, enough?

My mother always says and said: “It is not what you say but how you say it.”

As it has recently been taught, multi tasking does not work, believe what you want but it is proven, we can not provide full attention to more than one task at a time.

One mistake I made was thinking I would have time to myself for the ability to accomplish personal priorities.

Sky brings it to my attention, just because I think those around me know I love them and that this world would not be complete with out them, maybe I do not show them enough.

Learn with me and let a newborn teach us all. . .  

Put the phone down, take the ear buds out &

Listen to what is not said  pay full attention to detail with your animals, children, family, friends, and lovers.  Don’t just tell those important to us, they are important; Show them they are important!