We are all presented with the same 24 hours each day and how we prioritize them is up to us.  Sometimes I notice that I spend my whole day knowing I need to accomplish “Priority -A-” but I find every little thing to keep myself from doing “Priority -A-“;  These are sometimes the best days.  Other times I realize that what needs to get accomplished and stay focused and do it.  Excuses are the lies that we tell ourselves but often believe them to be true.

A favorite quote from a favorite movie called Finding Forester, “we walk away from our dreams afraid that we may fail, or worse yet, afraid we may succeed”

For the past two weeks I have prevented myself, finding every and any excuse to not do the full exercise program that I know I need to;

Is it because I am scared to continue pushing myself as I will definitely have to bike 100 miles in one day and run 26.2 miles another?

Is it because I am scared that I cannot actually do these two events?

Is it that I have lost interest because the two charities’ I am doing this for are not receiving the types of donations, barely any (Thank you to those of you whom have donated!), which I had hoped they would?

Is it that I am scared that once I do complete these two events that I have proven to myself I can do it and I will have to begin to focus on what’s next?

Should I continue wasting my time focusing on the past wondering why, why am I not where I want to be, why I have not already accomplished . . .


I should and I will focus on the Now.

Now is the moment that I have, excuses, also known as, I, will not prevent myself from achieving the success I yearn for.

Yes I have a baby, yes this does make it more challenging, but just that, more challenging, not unachievable.

I woke this am at 5:45am and Kelly asked for me to take care of Sky, wanting to get back on the road to success I was slightly upset and prepared to put up the road block of prevention.


I took my baby, the love of my life and I happily changed Sky, I fed Sky; can you believe it, Sky went to sleep.  I could not do the run or bike I want but I could and did do a great Yoga work out that lasted 45 minutes.  Built up a great sweet working those muscles and stretched them to new levels.  It feels better to go after my dreams than to talk to them through a sheet of plexiglass.

Being aware that sometimes pushing our most desired duties off to the side for the day, is exactly the real goal, is great, sometimes.  Not realizing we are doing that day after day, month after month, turns into a deep, dark, forbidden discrepancy within ourselves.  It is never too late to change.

Go after what you want.  I am, NOW please make a donation to Parkinson’s Disease Foundation or the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, then hear my voice, hear the voice of thousands of people saying:

“Thank You”

Thank you for donating your time and money to not only searching for a cure, not just providing knowledge to living with ailments but most of all, Thank You for being true to yourself and going after what is important to you!

I have a baby and she is a part of my life, not an obstacle!

(This statement if you don’t get it is symbolizing obstacles are there they are all around us and they will continue to pop up, Don’t Let them stand in your way, embrace them and move on!)