As children it is enforced into the minds to not speak to strangers.  In today’s technologically driven world isn’t it interesting how we indirectly still as adults support this theory by either playing on our phones or keeping the ear buds in listening to . . .

I am a people watcher and may it be sitting at Starbucks, the mall or on a bench at the boardwalk it is enjoyable to watch how people interact; or don’t at all.  Not only are manors out the door now a days so is the interest to learn something from a complete stranger.  People sit next to one another and do not recognize the existence of the person next to them.

Who is this person sitting next to me?

What can each of us learn from one another if one of us just says hi?

I know the above questions are in my mind before choosing my next victim, victim meaning I know when I sit next to somebody I will find a way to strike up a conversation.  I have met many of strangers and learnt many fascinating things.

People who started out as strangers:

Numerology Guy – This was a guy at Starbucks in Vancouver, BC Canada whom I was listening to his conversation with his friend before I finally thought I need in on this . . . I at that time had never investigated numerology and this gentleman went on to educate myself about me based on my name then proceeded to show signs of addresses that lead to divorce and others amazing financial and emotional success.

Guy on airplane – While standing in the line on the plane to go back to my coach seat, I stood next to a man sitting in his first class seat and me being me I proceeded to stair at him thinking that looks nice.  The man makes eye contact with me (probably because of my uncomfortable stair that he could feel) and I said, “you look very comfy, I haven’t sat in first class before is it nice?”  He responds, “Yes” then while pointing to his brain he says, “the more you put in here, the more you put in there” put in there he said while now pointing directly to my front right pocket where my wallet sat.  This has never left my mind and never will however at that time it laid upon my mind it did not really spark my interest to continually educate myself until a few years later when I began reminiscing and thinking of how will I sit in first class.

Lady at Starbucks – Just the other day I sat at Starbucks in one of the cozy chairs to read my book for about twenty minutes before I would reach out to this ball of energy sitting next to me reading on her Ipad.  As I got up to relieve myself of my coffee I left my book titled, “You are an Ironman” on my chair.  Upon returning I did not have to reach out to her as she did to me, she asked if I was into the triathlons.  As the conversation built from there she shared how she started a website titled, A website about receiving a deed to help change the world.  I do not recall her name but we will reconnect again and I highly suggest you look at that site and if you choose not to reach out to her, let it set into your mind how you can help change the world with a small deed a day.

Myself  – Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and really looked at yourself while considering the things you have done and where you are presently going with your life?  While doing that have you ever thought, wow this is who I am, my 16 year old self would slap me so hard . . . Who have I become, Who am I?  In and out of life I have felt like a stranger to myself and I find that it takes work to stay in touch with who I am.

To continue with today’s theme of I am going to pose two challenges to you: 

1.) I challenge you to take the ear buds out and put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to spark up a conversation with a stranger. 

2.) I challenge you to look into your eyes through a mirror and meet yourself for who you are, not who you think you are.

Strangers, although we were taught at a young age to not speak to them, we do  not have to continue living this way, directly or indirectly.  What can you share with that stranger to help influence their life; What can they share with you?

Are you willing to find out . . .