On my morning drive to work one day I heard over the radio:

Host: “today’s poll what 1 thing would you change about your wife?”

Responder: “Her Sex Drive! When we first got together it was almost daily but now it is almost never.”

Host: “You should make a graph to show her how little she is putting out”

This is an absolute pep-peeve of mine.  We as men for some reason, possibly naturally stuck in our genetics go down a route where we think, feel we are entitled to sex.  Yes, I have been in these shoes myself in the past; I try to always be different today, and probably, honestly not always by not thinking I should get laid because I say,

Hey babe its been a while lets do it …

What I have learned from experience is that sex is like driving, it is a privilege not a right.  If you want sex you need to earn it by sparking up the sexual devil inside of your partner.  This of course sounds easy as the o’l want a massage . . . well, well, well, I have also learned that some tricks grow old like that faded shirt in your closet that NEEDS to be thrown out!

Why do we have so much sex in the beginning of a relationship?

Is it possible that maybe because this is where we, as the now sexually deprived, through down all of our, impress you cards?

If you aren’t getting laid, like you used to, what can you do differently in your daily behaviors to express to your lady, partner, that they are appreciated which will spark that sexual attraction, again.

Here’s some ideas:

The other day I set a bath for Kelly with bubbles, candles and music then took Sky from her and had her relax for as long as she desired. . . After the bath she came out to have me massage each one of her feet/calves for 15 minutes a piece.

The one that makes her the happiest; I ensure the kitchen is clean before I leave for work.  I am not the best at this traditionally therefore when she wakes, Kelly assumes she will have to clean my mess . . . this always results in a huge thank you.

I try to impress Kelly by taking her on surprise, intimate dates.

I also try to always do what I say I will do;

& Cooking, cooking has turned into a passion of mine over the years so it is incredibly fun for yours-truly but Kelly also highly appreciates when I, “destroy” the kitchen while preparing her a meal aimed to succeed any mid priced restaurant through the flavors and presentation, placed in front of Kelly &, yes & occasionally we will set the candles for the additional romantic touch.

Directly remembering, if I can recall correctly none of the events resulted in sex, further to that very often I will attempt to direct the night to a sexless night to enforce my actions were aimed to show her my appreciation and that I am not seeking a reward for showing her the attention she deserves.

Do not turn sex into a chore like vacuuming or emptying the dishwasher;  yes, sex can be like building a home  intimate, loud and aggressive but it can also be an incredibly deep and meaningful time that two parties can become one during what should be an amazingly intimate experience. Now do you remember how hard you worked to impress your Queen or King, (yes I did just point out that this is a two way streak)  in the start of your relationship?

I am not entitled to complete the Marine Corp Marathon within my 4 hour goal, I have to earn that through constant commitment to both exercise and nutrition.  Our download fast, credit accepting society has pulled away from the realization that we have to work hard to get what we want, sex is no different.

We are not entitled, we are privileged, go earn your right!