The other day while getting an oil change I was looking online at the different Ironman competitions that are coming up in 2013, where I should follow a plan to complete one in 4-5 years, I was focusing on attempting to complete one only one year after starting my triathlon training. I have difficulty completing the ¼ mile swim in the Sprint Triathlons that I have completed nonetheless the 2.4 mile swim in a full Ironman; I got to thinking why do I often focus on the end result, completing the big goal rather than truly focusing on enjoying the journey.

Recently I was in a conversation with a very dear friend of mine who touched the subject as she brought up how her husband was sharing with her about focusing on the today as we don’t know how much time we have. We can die at any given time; that we need to enjoy the moment we are in right now.

Because of these events happening so close to one another it brought to my attention why I am often very focused on the end result. We can die at any given time, perfect health or sick; we don’t know how long we have. Often it is drilled into our heads to live today as though it is our last; I spend numerous amounts of energy trying to complete tasks that should take longer than they do because I don’t know if today or tomorrow is going to be my last day and cannot imagine dying before completing said obstacle.

Which way is the correct way?

Shall we dedicate ourselves to getting a task completed faster than we possible should?


Should we take our time to conquer our goals while not stressing the length of time it takes but really enjoy the journey knowing that we are on the right path to complete it, if we are still around to do so?

Kelly, my Queen is constantly reminding me to not stress getting to the goal to quickly and enjoy the journey; I am grateful to have her constantly reminding me to do this. I generally think I must complete my goal faster rather than later, with her reminders, I am able to place my head upon my pillow every night knowing, I could go today and feel comfortable that I gave today everything I have.

The moment we are in RIGHT NOW, is the only moment that we know we have. Tomorrow is unknown.

How will you utilize your time?