It has been years since  I was able to access this site – part of the reason why is because I have become very complacent with myself which has resulted in accepting bad eating habits and laziness; all resulting in gained weight and a self loathing narcissist = COUCH POTATO!


I AM OVER IT!  For the past month I have tried to get out and exerciser but I continue to find self logical reasons – excuses – as to why I don’t have time.  I did manage to get out with a friend to do two different bike rides, 24 mile road & 12 mile cross country which that one I did vomit from having my heart rate peak at 180 bpm.  Staring in the mirror every morning after my shower and cowardly walking past the scale to only this morning stand on it to completely be inspired = 20lbs extra weighing in at now 181lbs at 5’7″IS NOT OK – Oh and did I mention with how busy I am but yet able to find time every night after I settle the children into bed 8pm to sit up and watch 1 – 2 full movies and finally go to sleep around 11:30 – 1am and wake again later and later – used to be 6am but now 7:15am

I have come to realize with my birthday coming up quickly that if I don’t make a change, I am truly being a bad dad by allowing my children to see that laziness is acceptable. Recently I red an article written by an amazing individual – Dai Manuel – a health coach, father and overall inspiration.  The article was about the “Dad Bod”

While the dad bod has found its way to be acceptable by us dads and apparently women – it is not appropriate and he (Dai) confidently shows just how inappropriate the lifestyle behind the dad bod is for us as leaders in a home.  I personally had no clue just how bad it has gotten not only for me but for other of us dads out there.  We live in a beach town and to look around, ohh my America – the dad bod is developed into the blob bod.

I make the stand that I am removing the DAD BOD! bench-press-1013857_640 I am going back to exercise!  I am going back to appropriate food portions!  I am going to take on the fight against the bad habits I have formed in creating this dad bod!  It is going to be hard, I know it, BUT for the sake of my health, my children’s future health, your health, I need to do this!

I do not yet know what maximum level of athletic goal I am going for but it is starting TODAY!

Want to join me?  As time goes I will develop a full workout schedule and post it – I will also be posting videos as proof of the exercise along with stories of how difficult or easy it was to get motivated.  Do you want to leave a comment to let me know you too have chosen health over laziness – please do – Do you want to join along with choosing health over complacency?  Leave your comments and post your videos too!