1. Don’t Give Up
  2. Do something
  3. Reach for the green
  4. Understand
  5. Reward

During the day it was turning into being this major disappointment with regards to exercising or eating better, with stopping the dad bod from moving forward.  I honestly can’t explain what it was but winter must be coming because with the amount of food I felt the need to store within side of me was disgusting.  Run, no. Bike, no.  Powerwash, yes.  I could feel the disappointment within myself growing with each pickle, piece of cheese I reached in the fridge for.  At one point while fighting with myself, disclosing to myself how big of a looser and bad example I am, I realized I still had the moment I was in and the later part of the day to turn it around.

I reached for a green apple!  I reached for a glass of water!  I did twenty push-ups!  I came up with the idea that this is going to be harder than I thought it would be but that would be ok!

Five steps to stopping the dad bod is my first day feedback for me and for you if you are trying to stop the dad bod and bring back health.

  1. Don’t Give Up = It is stinking hard to change our bad habits.
  2. Do Something = Anything more physical is something more than we were doing – 25           push-ups/sit-ups/ jump-rope SOMETHING!
  3. Reach for the green = Go for vegetables / fruit and water to fill our ritual to open the            fridge and junk drawer way more often than a hibernating bear even needs to eat.
  4. Understand = It is hard and going to be hard but when we eat the brownie, don’t let it           conquer our spirits, understand and move on.
  5. Reward = I am always a believer that small steps need to be rewarded so figure out what that small reward is and if you earn it enjoy it.

My reward tonight is going to be smashing out 100 push-ups and high-fiving myself that I  realized it isn’t going to be as simple as turning the light switch to health and fitness.  I feel positive today that I realize part of the problem with the dad bod is psychological. I/ we need to be more positive in our own ears and understand we are humans but we don’t need to rock the dad bod to let everyone else know.  We as dads can rise above our own self loathing, stay committed by doing something little everyday to change our habits and understand these bad habits took years to develop and we can overcome them!

Stop the dad bod!