This week I managed to complete a full 21 miles of running!  YES, YAAY ME!!!

This morning I meant to runt 6 miles but actually did seven.  I miscalculated in my brain after planning using the Map My Run program.  To me it was an entertaining confusion which provided me an epic connection to what stop the dad bod is really all about.


Where I went wrong – At mile two, I hit a bit of a wall.  When I run, I generally listen to motivational speeches such as,  I LOVE THAT STUFF!!!!  When I set out for my run this morning I knew I wanted six miles but was about to turn around at mile two and only get four but NO, NO, I would not let that happen to me because – I started SCREAMING AT MY SELF!

YOU WILL Not get in the way of you!  You are the only person stopping you from achieving your goal this morning – keep your feet moving – keep your feet moving – get what you are going after!  If you let this stop you today – WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET WHAT YOU WANT – NO YOU WILL NOT DO THIS TO YOU!  AAAAAHHHHHHHH  (paraphrased)

This amazing sense of empowerment and relief came upon me like well like someone who knew that they would not accept failure today and that they knew they were going to get what they set out for.  The feeling was amazing, epic, spectacular!

Where I went wrong in my calculations, this one turn and when I was running knowing if I made it to that light that looked really close that it was the three mile mark.  While running towards that light I kept thinking in my mind that the mile looked very short.  Upon turning around at the light and running back, I looked at my watch to notice it only took me five minutes to “complete” that mile.  I said, NO – you came out for six miles, not five and a half.  I turned around and did the loop again!

The funny part in that,  it took me five minutes to run a half mile, I was only half way done the mile.  This started to come to a realization to me as I made the way back and came up on the mile marker but I kept monitoring my heart rate in confusion as I was not sure if what I did was needed or not but I knew one thing , I was completing six miles!

As you can see above, I did not only complete six but I did seven and at nine and half minute miles.  I am very excited about those numbers as stopping the dad bod is not only about getting a slim body, it is also about getting fit and conquering ones goals!  Today’s run marked twenty one miles for the week, something I have not done in a number of years.

The absolute most rewarding part of this is, when I walk through the door, drenched of sweat, both of my children, whom where sleeping when I left, come running to me to give me a hug and ask me how my run was – THAT IS STOPPING THE DAD BOD!  My children and my wife all on my side, helping to motivate me but more, seeing that life requires us to put forth energy, effort and commitment to conquer dreams.  That we must dream so we have something to reach for.  That I am helping to place these visions of fitness, health and work ethic into their blue prints.  Be the better you so they will be the better them!