Absolute feeling of empowerment!


4 miles in 43 minutes
e777a7cf1d1dcc865c17719178e65ee6I have realized throughout life that there are ALWAYS challenges, walls, hurdles that are not put in front of us to prevent us from conquering what we are out to conquer but to challenge how bad we want it.  This morning I woke at 5:30 to the sound of rain, I hesitated for a brief moment before I said NO, you will not let this stop you!  I rose the challenge, put my running gear on, including my headlamp and bright yellow rain jacket because it is both pitch black out and pouring and sprung out the front door to conquer my four mile run.

I want to ditch the dad bod!  I want to run further!  I want to run faster!  I want to be an amazing husband!  I want to be an amazing father!  I want to be a positive example to all of those around me!  I will stay committed to my goals!

I am kicking around the idea of going after the half marathon this October 23 in Atlantic City http://www.acraceseries.com/  (really want to do the full marathon because I have done a half in the past but I know I am not ready for the full 26.2)  The aggravating portion of the races are the cost, I have ran races in the past and there really is a lot of moving parts but wow $100 or $115 to run 😦    Enough about my sadness –  Last night I was reading about turtles and learned how long they have been around for and how strong they are and many other positive qualities that reminded me about patience.  It is funny I like to run distance because for the most part I am more like a sprinter – short term quick action – to get to a marathon, to ditch the dad bod, to set a great example to those around me, takes time, patience and commitment.  One day I will run the full marathon, but for only providing myself four weeks of training (I am talking myself out of it right now), it is not enough; I have completed one half marathon 1 hour 58 minutes – I should strive to complete another half and beat that time!

Yesterday started my full time college student course load, I began to get nervous looking at the actual course work, thinking about working full time, being an engaged father and husband while also staying committed to my health.  This morning, smashing down the wall that was put in front of me, the down pour of rain, made me realize, I can, I can, and I WILL achieve what ever I make a priority in my life!  Dreaming is one thing, thinking is another, and hope, hope is all in line of helping to move our thoughts into realities.  Today I realize greater than yesterday, it is my reality that I need to be stealth focused with my time to achieve all that I am setting my mind out to.

Set your mind out to achieve that which represents a smile on your face and do not let the rain stop you!