Once again I have been taught the lesson that changing habits is difficult.  This week we had a very aggressive rain storm that lasted Wednesday – Friday.  The rain limited my running, because I was not interested in dragging myself out of bed at five am to go pound the pavement in half flooded roads while being drenched within minutes from the  downpour we experienced.  I didn’t!  I did however do a half version of exercising in the evening; I would like to say I did the INSANITY workout but not ready for that yet.

Where I struggled the most this week with ditching the dad bod came to the evening time.  I am in 10 semester hours in University in addition to working full time and being the only parent during the evening due to opposite work schedules.  While key jamming out doing school work after the kids where in bed, I played with the weights my wife gave me for my birthday but every night I would reach for that secret stash that I don’t think anyone else in the house knows about.  That secret stash of my favorite, anything chocolate, from last Easter that truthfully belongs to my children.

Today I went for it big!  While still unsure if I will spend the money on the Atlantic City Half Marathon this October 23rd, I am beginning to research which events I would like to participate in during 2017.  Training for distance is going to be mandatory so I pushed myself out the door for a nine mile run this morning.  I did it with an average of 9:41 per mile, considering I am only back in this training for about a month, I am excited!

This evening the family made banana nut muffins and while I have my little secret stash of chocolate, my wife was very supportive in not adding sugar to the muffins.  We are in this to change our total habits for ourselves and for what our children both put in their mouths and develop as idealism’s in the blue prints of their brains.  Many blue prints in my brain include the late night snacking resulting in added weight over a long period of doing nothing; this will not be the example I set for my children!  #stopthedadbod


Saturday October First: