Are you walking around with a dad bod and keep trying to change it?

Me too!

I started the first two weeks of this journey full force with my running, biking and general at home exercise.  The second week of my focus included 20 miles ran, 19 mile bike ride and three days of body moving workouts at home during the evening.  I also had a solid focus on the food I was putting into my mouth along with the portion sizes.  The goal was to reduce the amount of food and processed food to exchange it for healthy natural foods like cucumbers, peppers, salads, chickens and include some carbs for the morning running.  Sounds like the perfect plan was in place to stop the dad bod.

What happened last week?

I did not exercise at all 😦

After the big nine mile run I proceeded the next run to go for speed and did two miles but at 8:40 / mile.  My knee started hurting.  The dad bod routine started again!  This allowed me the opportunity to find an excuse to not wake up at five am the next morning, the morning after that and you guessed it, the morning after that.

Sound familiar?  You get a good plan going but self destruct it some how, some way, all through the subconscious.

Last night I set off to bed at 10 am and had the alarm ready to sound off at five thirty to go on a two mile pace run.  That did not happen.  Around 3 am, our youngest woke, she just started the toddler bed.  She required attention to get back to sleep.  First I tried bringing her to bed with us; fail.  Proceeded to rock her, fail.  We also took the bottle away at the same time as moving her to the big girl bed, I failed; I did not give her a bottle but did give her half cup of milk in the sip cup.  I also won, she went to sleep.  Thirty minutes later and two hours left before the alarm sounds.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman … the fish don’t fry in the kitchen, bees don’t burn on the grill” – I smacked the button on the alarm!  Excited at the thought of going for a run with my clothes lined up and the coffee pot ready for me to sip a cup before going, I placed my head back down into my pillow for a moment.  The moment turned into another hour and half, no run.  Should I be shocked?

I knew what was going to happen the moment I didn’t get up.  Why did I let myself do this?  Why did I still feel tired?  Following that event I proceeded to start to look into how much sleep I do need because prior to the knee, I crashed for two days with going to bed at midnight and waking at 5 am for two weeks.

Turns out not all people do need 8 hours of sleep but 7 – 8 is important to have optimal brain function.  In addition, to feel energized throughout the day.  Am I finding a new excuse why I didn’t wake up this morning?  In that short research I also read because I sit down all day that makes me feel more tired and I should stand up more.  The short research is worth a detailed review later to learn more about how to keep energized when taking on a lot in life.


I am starting a new page, EXCUSES.  Each day I come across an excuse or created reason why I do not exercise according to the plan, or eat properly, I will post the excuse.  Follow along in order to see similarities to your own life to ensure you stop the dad bod within yourself.