Alarm goes off to a pretty awesome song – don’t remember it but I was relaxing in bed, slowly waking up to it, the song had only played for about a minute, when the wife starts:




I KNOW, I’M SLOWLY LISTENING TO IT – (slowly reaching up and turning it off, my conversation continues to her)  This is why I never hear my alarm – I never wake up because it is your fault – you don’t let me wake up the way I want to!

You don’t have to wake the rest of the house up.


I proceed to tuck back into bed, aggravated and going to show her that it is her fault I didn’t run this morning, when I realized, it is my fault if I don’t run this morning.  At this point in the frustrations I am awake enough to get moving and the only thing holding me back is me. Instead of relaying on the excuse, My Wife Made Me Mad, I am getting out of bed to go run!