#stopthedadbod is not only about changing our physical appearances, it is about being better role models in our kids lives too, #activedad

While it is not that unusual to do, can not say I was honestly thrilled about the mess of carving a pumpkin but, for that beautiful face and while the other was asleep, we went for it.  Turned out to be a mess, turned out to be fun, turned out to be a good family moment, turned out the kid already knew about eating pumpkin seeds and wanted to teach me how to cook them, turns out THE MESS WAS WORTH IT!

The kid says garlic and salt goes together and we needed to season our pumpkin seeds that way.  She was correct, they taste good.

Glad I am changing my life to stop the dad bod because I would have probably missed out on this fun hour and the new snack throughout the week.