This week I learned about black rice and the high level of antioxidants it contains.  I am looking forward to eating it to see how it taste.

Another meal we will be eating includes tofu.  My wife and children have not had it aside from miso soup, I have and know it is about as delicious as a cardboard sponge when not properly cooked (my previous experiences with cooking it); looking forward to try the new recipe!

The target this week is to start to take more control by being proactive with nutrition rather than reactive which usually results in munching out when I get home because I didn’t bring food with me to work and I am being healthy by not eating food on the go; that is not the way I should think but, it is, so, this week I will be proactive and bring plenty of food by preparing the night before.  I will also monitor my portions.

What are you going to eat this week in efforts to take your health back?


Hard boiled egg

Thin bagel or piece of toast

Protein shake



Fruit (apple or banana)

Pumpkin seeds



Turkey sandwich on wheat toast with raw carrots or cucomber


leftover dinner



Oatmeal Banana cookie


handful of peanuts



Pan fried sesame tofu with broccoli and rice

Grilled Chicken Salad

Garlic ginger Chicken

Tilapia Fish with black rice and

Pork loin with asparagus and mashed potatoes