I have been at this for almost two months and while I am not showing any major difference on the scale, I see a difference in the mirror, and I am feeling better.

I am the real life guy with the dad bod, living the dad life, trying to stop my dad bod.  Have a look at most of the images out there when we google get fit, be healthy, ditch the dad bod, ect.  These people don’t look like you and I.  They look like fitness people who have the time to get to the gym everyday.  They look like people who never developed the lazy habits you and I have.  They look like people, I want to look like but don’t.

Why is my quick start guide better?  I am about to give you the reality not the dream.

  1. Go stand in front of a mirror with your shirt off.  Do not look down, keep looking. I know that person staring back at you and so do you, it’s the person who doesn’t like what they see.  That person is not satisfied.  That person, if they stare long enough, will start to get sad over the example they are setting for people who look up to them.  That person, is the person is ready for change.
  2. Make the commitment to stop the dad bod.  Subscribe to this group so you know, you are not alone.  We are in this together.  Just like you, I am tired at the start and finish to the day.  I have a lot on my plate and want to conqueror it all.  Power in numbers.
  3. Change your plate size!  You know you eat too much, change the plate size.  Fill up your plate, but fill the bread plate instead.
  4. Eat more.  That doesn’t go with changing the plate size.  Eat more often.  You have heard it before, I am only repeating what others have researched.  The more often we eat, smaller quantities, the quicker our metabolisms become, the less hungry eating we do.
  5. Drink more water!  If you drink even half the amount of coffee I do, we still drink too much.  We should be drinking half to a gallon of water a day, not a glass of water and half a gallon to a gallon of coffee.
  6. Exercise.  Below is a link to men’s health but my problem with that, it is again designed by fitness people not real life people like you and I.  I read through it and will guarantee you, I would not do half of what is there, so do half of it – right.  I will suggest to you an at home workout below that will get you started.  This is the Quick start guide not the get fit over night guide.
  7. Get sleep.  Look, I have kids, I am a full time college student, I work full time, I love watching dumb movies, I enjoy running, I still need my sleep or my body won’t function and I will be cranky.  There are a number of reports that show some people only need 4 hours while others 9 – know what your body actually needs; mine is 6. Are you a morning person or knight person – schedule your life around who you are so you are capable of completing it instead of dreaming up a schedule that is unrealistic to who you are.

Here is a next step in the working out game:


If you want to take it the next step further, start training for triathlons.  Swim, bike, run.   There are many different distances, the Ironman is an elite scale.  A few years back I completed 3 sprint distances in one year with a half marathon.

Have a goal.  This is half of why my two months of training has not been as successful as I would like.  I do not have a short term goal.  I am starting to develop the idea of a long term goal but I am cautious to commit to it just yet.  What is your short term goal and stretch goal?

Here is the signup form.  We are in this together.  Share your information below, I will phone you.  We are the movement.  Once a week call to check in and hold you accountable, you will be holding me accountable without knowing it.  We can #stopthedadbod

Your Quick Start Exercise Guide to Stop the Dad Bod

  • Walk or Jog – 20 minutes to start 2 – 3 times per week

Do the below routine 2-3 times per week – it is 30 minutes

  • As many as you can in one minute
  • take a one minute break
  • As many as you can in one minute
  • One minute break
  • As many as you can in one minute
  • One minute break
  • Move onto the next exercise and repeat the routine for the remaining four exercises.
  • Run in place
  • Squat Jumps
  • Push ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Jumping Jacks

Stop eating late at night!  Are you going for a snack tonight?  Stop!!!  Don’t due it, hold true to that vision you looked at, hold true to that person you talked to in the mirror, you got this!  Stop the dad bod starts with this quick start guide but isn’t going to do anything if you can’t stop eating late at night.

Have you conquered this routine and ready for more?  This is where I started and have moved on.  If you submitted your name and number, we have already talked on the phone to move you to the next level.  If you haven’t reached out, do so and we will customize you a free health plan with coaching to get you to achieve your health goals.