Last night I was reading more about the 333 challenge. Have you heard of it? It is a 3 month challenge to reduce your clothing to 33 pieces, including shoes. I like the idea of being a minimalist, personally, I find it also helps to quiet the brain, less options is less to think about. I am not sure if I could find it again but part of one post I was reading discussed the pleasure of conquering and completing through commitment. This idea spoke highly to me regarding the Stop the Dad Bod motion. I keep feeling disappointed everytime I get out of the shower, everytime I find more clothes to donate, everyday I realize I have only planned and dreamt about getting fit. Right now marks the second time of the day for exercise. While at one point in my life I could complete a half marathon, this morning I was ecstatic for 25 minutes on the elliptical. Now I will walk away from my traditional vedge out and watch tv time for a good Ted talk in the ear while ridding a stationary bike. Wow do we spend too much time in the corporate world planning instead of doing. The time in our lives to stop having meetings about meetings is now. Take action, move your body, Stop the Dad Bod!