How many times have you said, I am going to make the change; TODAY IS THE DAY!?!   You are not alone with that!  I started this Stop the Dad Bod blog in 2016 with the full intentions of being committed to healthy living as an active example to my family and those around me.  The problem, life is challenging and without really understanding the WHY I continuously fall off the wagon.  I recently cracked two ribs and missed out on completing a triathlon, I was devastated and have discovered my WHY.  It is game time to make this change, get healthy and conquer a long time goal; I want to include you along on this journey, make sure to subscribe!

In 2016, my commitment lasted a few months, in 2017, 2018, and 2019, the same thing.  My commitment had not aligned with my goal.  In 2014 I made a commitment to myself that I would complete a Full Ironman by the time I was 40, that gave me 6 years.  Early 2019, still not on track, I arrived at 200 lbs; the most I have ever weighed at only 5’6”! I was over it and ready, ready to just get back in shape, no way could I imagine a full Ironman, but 10, 20lbs was needed.  A new lifestyle was needed more as at that rate of adding 10lbs a year was going to have me 300lbs by the time I was 47.

I embarked on the journey to get healthy.  Changed from full IPA to light beer, ate smaller portions, and started jogging.  At that time I thought I did not want to document my journey as I was scared I would fail again.  I did not fail, instead with the first five pounds off, I began to get motivated.  I was now committed to getting a bike and going after a mile stone towards the full; the Atlantic City Half Ironman put on by Delmo Sports.  I found a 24 week training program and started following it fairly closely.

My starting running time was around 10 minute miles on a three mile route.  Staying committed to the training program had me up to six, and eight miles by spring and dropping my average time to 9 minute miles.  Continuing to push, I joined a local triathlon club, Wild Harbor Tri club.  They were a blessing to my swimming, actually getting to go.  I got to swim with them in the bay for an hour which I was able to get a little over a mile done.  By mid-summer, I was averaging 8:30 minute miles on 12 mile runs, 20 miles per hour on 40 mile bikes and maintained the 40 minute mile swim.

I was really getting excited, however, three weeks before the race, I let myself down!  I hopped on a mountain bike to show off for some young teenagers completing a 1 foot ramp jump.  After landing the jump and riding away, my confidence was high so I attempted to jump the face of it however, I FELL!  Two staples in the head & two cracked ribs, my race was gone L  Although I did not want to admit that to myself right away, I took a week before I submitted the insurance to get my money back; ALWAYS BUY THE INSURANCE!!!!!  (I am in no way affiliated with an insurance organization however if someone wants to approach me I am willing to consider offers for sponsorship 😉 lol.

This injury gave me time to reflect.  I was brought to the realization that fitness was important to me not just because I wanted to complete a big event but because I enjoy it.  I enjoy feeling better.  I enjoy seeing performance increases.  During my reflection period I discovered, I still had not been completed dedicated and there is room for growth.  This resulted in some additions to the family!

Enter the Pain Cave!  I will not even get into the craziness that took place in creating the pain cave.  I will say after multiple hours of moving stuff between the garage and office, it has concluded to have my office in one space and the pain cave in the garage.  It looks and feels great if I may say so!!!  My pain cave includes my tire on Tacx trainer, treadmill, & an old 40” tv with an hdmi cable to connect to my phone for Zwift!!!!!  Got the Zwift running pod in the mail today too J  Leave your comment below and let me know your Zwift name – once I figure out how to connect we can.

Today will mark my birthday of commitment to getting healthy & for starting training again, yes the ribs are still painful but I can’t wait anymore!


Current Measurements:

Weight: 192lbs

Height: 5’6″

Bust: 44”

Chest: 41”

Waist: 41”

Hips: 42”

Thighs: 23”

Calves: 15.5”

Upper arm: 13”

Forearm:  11.5

Wife-Current Measurements:

Weight: 140lbs

Height: 5’2”

Bust: 39”

Chest: 34”

Waist: 32”

Hips: 38”

Thighs: 22”

Calves: 13.5”

Upper arm: 11”

Forearm:  9.5

If you are ready, submit your measurements, (Walmart sells the measuring tape in the craft department for about $4).  Stop the Dad Bod is a commitment to feeling better, feeling happier, spreading positive energy into our world.  You don’t have to be a dad, you can be a mom, a single, even a zebra if you so choose.  This is our world, our trip, and we owe it to ourselves to say thank you to God for the gift that he has given us.  Let’s make it the best journey we can.