First, it has been a fun and challenging first week.  I have been dialing in a feasible meal plan that would account for the exercise that I am doing on a daily basis and to allow for weight loss.  As previously mentioned, last week I started at 192lbs, today I weighed in at 188lbs.  My target weight is 165.  I do not know what my bmi or fat percentage is but I will aim to say I would like to develop some muscle within that 165 weight so there is going to be a big challenge to obtain my goal.  Have you set goals like this in the past and failed, I have!

This time, as I have also said, will be different, lol – I am using a triathlon race as the ultimate motivator for fitness and because this was working for this year until I cracked two ribs and missed the race I was targeting, Atlantic City 70.3, I am even more dedicated now.  Have you ever heard the need to know your why?  Cracking those ribs got me deep into my brain and helped me discover why I want to be fit.

When I am fit I am a happy person.  I like the way I look in clothes.  I am less stressed because of the exercise releasing that built up negative energy.  I have also noticed, during longer exercises, there is a bit of meditation, a time of silence that really helps ease the soul.  I also notice when I am fit from both exercise and eating healthy, I share better eating habits with my kids and we spend more time together cooking and playing rather than just watching tv.

I am dedicated to getting fit because it is better for me, my family, and people around me.  If you are considering stopping the dad bod, spend some silent time in your head and ask yourself, why do I want to be fit, what does life look like when I am fit; what does life look like if I don’t get fit.

This week I spent some time researching a meal structure and exercise routine that would work for me.  This post is about the meal structure, I will create another for the exercise.  Because I have been diagnosed with ADHD, I am over the top addicted to whatever I am doing, to the point that I am labeled obsessive.  Mind you, I find obsessive about accurate.  Because of this gift I was given, I looked at the meal plan in multiple categories, not to say someone without the gift of ADHD wouldn’t also break it down into four simple categories . . . just saying I do know people without the gift and they can simplify losing weight into two categories, eat less and eat clean, which is the essentially the same final classification that I ended on; lol:

How many calories do I need?

How many grams of protein do I need?

How many grams of carbs do I need?

What does my specific body require?


I looked at this meal plan as a guide rather than some of the strict, eat this for this meal, strategy.  Why?  Those are incredibly hard to follow as my kids half the time do not want to eat something from that and I want to promote healthy eating with them.  Our kids are willing to eat oysters and muscles and scallops but not going to get them to eat that on a lettuce wrap.  Instead, I am going to follow the same simple breakfast, snacks, and lunch to keep it simple and easy for me; dinner will be modified daily but to stay within the same range of proteins, calories and carbs.

For me, I built this off the 165 target weight, with the mindset of 1.5 – 2 hours of exercise weekdays and weekends 3-4 daily.

Protein: .75 grams per pound

Carbs:     2.5 carbs per pound (Mind you 130 grams total seems to be the average if not adding the exercise)

Calories: 2200 (Looking for a minimum 500 calorie deficit each day – for me this needs to decrease or increase from weekdays to weekends – mind you some of that difference is simple from during exercise eating and additional recovery meal or drinks)

Body Require:  I am one who requires calories otherwise I get migraines (honestly almost embarrassing when it happens in the work environment and I need to lay down, not to mention how bad it feels just from under eating because I want to lose weight.  Stop the dad bod is about creating a better lifestyle, not about a fad diet that results in us gaining the weight back.)


Here is how I am breaking my day down to get close to my target numbers:

Wake: Coffee & Water

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit

Snack: Protein Bar & Coffee

Lunch: Salad with protein

Snack: Chips and salsa

Dinner: Protein – Veg – Carb

Any additional snacks wanted – raw veg like carrots & peppers – while there are carbs in veg, it sounds like we can eat all the veg we want, good thing because I do enjoy veg!


There is some flexibility in total calorie, carbs, and proteins as a steak has 62 grams of carb vs chicken 38; not to mention the difference in portion sizes; remember, we are trying to get fit so we should only be targeting about 4-6 ounces of protein

I am still torn if that dinner meal and lunch should be switched because of the location of greater carbs but, since I am waking early and doing cardio, I think it is ok as those carbs will convert to energy for the morning; taking that idea from back in high school when we would eat a big bowl of pasta before a big game.

Remember, I am trying to research and find my way here without having to live by a strict plan that I will never follow.  I am not a trainer or nutritionist, if you are reading this and think I am completely off my rocker, let all of us know who are reading and help us develop the correct healthy lifestyle that will aid us in obtaining and maintaining our target weight.

Stay focused Stop the Dad Boders.  Look for the exercise program coming soon.




Here are a few links I used during my research:

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