My name is AJ Stelacio, I used to be a collegiate athlete and incredibly active.  By incredibly active, during snowboarding season I would ride 40+ hours a week and summer months consisted of mountain biking and skydiving.  Five years ago when I moved away from the mountains, I began road biking, running and the occasional swimming that lead me to complete in one summer season, 3 triathlons and one half marathon.  Since that summer I have become terribly lazy which has turned me into 20 lbs overweight.

The prior articles posts where documenting my fitness training while only having one baby.  We now have two babies, I work full time and attend online school at Thomas Edison State University full time.  As mentioned, I am also twenty pounds over weight and not accepting it any more!  The motivation stemmed from reading an article written about the DAD BOD, I then began noticing how many of us dads where rocking this unfit lifestyle.  As a father of two and a husband, I am taking the stand.

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