Stop the Dad Bod

Stop the Dad Bod is about taking charge to fix my bad habits and make my Dad Bod look good again.




Last night I was reading more about the 333 challenge. Have you heard of it? It is a 3 month challenge to reduce your clothing to 33 pieces, including shoes. I like the idea of being a minimalist, personally, I... Continue Reading →


Quick Start to Stop the Dad Bod

Quick Start Guide to Stop the Dad Bod #stopthedadbod The #dadbod is not cool, being healthy is!

Strong Support Group

This morning I most likely would have used the same excuse as I am tired but instead, our youngest daughter woke up at 5 am in order to give me a hug and a kiss.  Seriously, we just changed her... Continue Reading →

Some days are harder to get going than others - almost used the, My Wife Made Me Mad excuse to prevent me from getting out the door.  It has been over a week since I did any exercise.  Only two... Continue Reading →

The Stash Dash

Once again I have been taught the lesson that changing habits is difficult.  This week we had a very aggressive rain storm that lasted Wednesday - Friday.  The rain limited my running, because I was not interested in dragging myself... Continue Reading →

Running in the Rain

Absolute feeling of empowerment! 4 miles in 43 minutes I have realized throughout life that there are ALWAYS challenges, walls, hurdles that are not put in front of us to prevent us from conquering what we are out to... Continue Reading →

Be the better you so they will be the better them!

We set the examples to those whom lookup to us. Keeping in mind what others see is important to ensure we are happy with what we represent to them.

Is the Dad Bod Cool?

Such a better day today, both with eating and exercising! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to engage with my journey in bettering myself and hopefully not only because you are interested in another person... Continue Reading →

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