Stop the Dad Bod

Stop the Dad Bod is about taking charge to fix my bad habits and make my Dad Bod look good again.



What I am going to Eat

First, it has been a fun and challenging first week.  I have been dialing in a feasible meal plan that would account for the exercise that I am doing on a daily basis and to allow for weight loss.  As... Continue Reading →

Week Meal Plan

This week I learned about black rice and the high level of antioxidants it contains.  I am looking forward to eating it to see how it taste. Another meal we will be eating includes tofu.  My wife and children have... Continue Reading →

Almost Delicious Cookies

Healthy cookies can taste good, not as good as sugar filled but we will get used to them.

Sound Familiar?

Portion size adjustment on the way! Morning, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner, snack Average 96 ounces of water a day Average 80 ounces of coffee a day - YIKES  never looked at it in ounces before especially not next to... Continue Reading →

The Stash Dash

Once again I have been taught the lesson that changing habits is difficult.  This week we had a very aggressive rain storm that lasted Wednesday - Friday.  The rain limited my running, because I was not interested in dragging myself... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Loose Weight

The journey to ditch the dad bod started officially Sept 1, 2016, that is for me.  In that I have already learned many elements such as this is going to be, HARD to change my bad eating and behavioral habits.... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Stop the Dad Bod

Don't Give Up Do something Reach for the green Understand Reward During the day it was turning into being this major disappointment with regards to exercising or eating better, with stopping the dad bod from moving forward.  I honestly can't... Continue Reading →

Too Long!

It has been years since  I was able to access this site - part of the reason why is because I have become very complacent with myself which has resulted in accepting bad eating habits and laziness; all resulting in... Continue Reading →

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