Stop the Dad Bod

Stop the Dad Bod is about taking charge to fix my bad habits and make my Dad Bod look good again.




The other day while getting an oil change I was looking online at the different Ironman competitions that are coming up in 2013, where I should follow a plan to complete one in 4-5 years, I was focusing on attempting... Continue Reading →

A Quick Note

This was a really great week! ┬áThere is still some exercising left for today but I have ran 16 miles thus far and biked 30, week starting Monday. Today has started very great as I helped out a friend at... Continue Reading →

When I run, I think = 6 Steps to Forever Love

Why is it that we have to wait until something is gone to realize how much we cherished it? If somebody told you now as an adult that is HOT would you still touch it? A relationship is a constant... Continue Reading →

Time Stands Still

Our Baby is Here: Kelly suffered through 16.5 hours (OMG Women you are AMAZING!!!) of painful, painful back-labor and reaching 9cm's dialated our baby was deliver via C-Section because she was faced. We have been in the hospital since Saturday... Continue Reading →

May 24 Nutrition Log

May 23 Nutrion Log

Healthy lunch on the go

This morning I had planned on stopping at home for lunch, forgetting that I had a 2pm appointment scheduled so I only brought some snacks to hold me throughout the morning. Finding myself lunchless and on the go I passed... Continue Reading →

Tuesday nutrition log

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