The ultimate goal is to grow within myself, to ask you to ask more of yourself.  Dad or not!  My goal is to change my plop on the couch, eating poorly, limited exercise, bad example setting, habits to an end and conqueror some major fitness challenges.

Fitness challenges because as a father, I am able to show my children that we need to set a goal, develop a plan and stay committed over a period of time to achieve the goal.  We live in a, I want it now society, but everything doesn’t come now.

I am in the process of developing my 2017 challenge plan but it is looking to include, running, biking and triathlon events. In addition to my personal, the goals will include full active activities to complete with my children such as paddleboarding, skiing, biking, fishing, and many others.

Join Stop the Dad Bod in the movement to have better personal health, more dedicated time with our children and spouses.  Let’s be the better us!