Stop the Dad Bod

Stop the Dad Bod is about taking charge to fix my bad habits and make my Dad Bod look good again.



Get Recognized and Help Motivate

I am in the middle, OK about a third of the way through a book titled, "You are an Ironman" which is shared stories of six individuals not only about their lives but their journey to completing their first ever... Continue Reading →

There’s no time, I have a Baby

We are all presented with the same 24 hours each day and how we prioritize them is up to us.  Sometimes I notice that I spend my whole day knowing I need to accomplish "Priority -A-" but I find every... Continue Reading →

What’s the Point? ? ?

Exactly what is the point . . . Today was a day where Kelly had some friends coming in for a visit to see Sky that I was also going to visit with for the day.  Although excited, this would... Continue Reading →

Steps up the ladder = DANCE TIME

This day proved to be an AWESOME DAY! Below is Chef Geoff of Copper Fish on Broadway with his "Recognition" Size Donation Check made out to Parkinson's Disease Foundation. Potentially Inapropriate but not even close as it is just a... Continue Reading →

1st Donation

My Uncle and Aunt thinking I am crazy for wanting to participate in these up comming events and proud of me at the same time make the first donation today. Remember all donations are going directly to the charity, AJ... Continue Reading →

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