Stop the Dad Bod

Stop the Dad Bod is about taking charge to fix my bad habits and make my Dad Bod look good again.



I Can’t Loose Weight

The journey to ditch the dad bod started officially Sept 1, 2016, that is for me. ┬áIn that I have already learned many elements such as this is going to be, HARD to change my bad eating and behavioral habits.... Continue Reading →

Start of the day

Kelly wanting to make up for our dinner last night made some egg/egg white scrambled with spinich and bacon. With the sun shining as bright as it is so early in the morning we are probably going to head to... Continue Reading →

Healthy Eating + Pregnant = Pizza and Curly Fries

Meet my Kelly, Currly Fries & Sams Pizza As supportive as Kelly is with the healthy eating or as she sometimes calls it, "eating like a rabbit" and the exercising, when a 39 week pregnant woman who is starting to... Continue Reading →

Pretty + Yummy = In My TUMMY

After a nice 10 mile bike ride this am I came home and cleaned part of the fridge out into an ungreased, unoiled pan; Asparagus, mushrooms, onion, tomato, crab & 1 egg 1 egg white scrambled into the mixture. The... Continue Reading →

Breakfast = Yum

I enjoy the teaditional protein shake in the morning but one can only drink a breakfast so many times before needing some substance. This morning is one of my favorites. No oil or butter in the pan Couple half cut... Continue Reading →

May 30 Nutrition Log

May 29 Nutrition

May 28 nutrition = fat day!

Hope you had a great memorial day! Thank you to our troops! I had a bit of a splurge day as we sat on the beach and then went to a bbq with some friends, something tells me with the... Continue Reading →

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