Stop the Dad Bod

Stop the Dad Bod is about taking charge to fix my bad habits and make my Dad Bod look good again.




The other day while getting an oil change I was looking online at the different Ironman competitions that are coming up in 2013, where I should follow a plan to complete one in 4-5 years, I was focusing on attempting... Continue Reading →

Mans take on Womens Sex Drive

On my morning drive to work one day I heard over the radio: Host: "today's poll what 1 thing would you change about your wife?" Responder: "Her Sex Drive! When we first got together it was almost daily but now... Continue Reading →

There’s no time, I have a Baby

We are all presented with the same 24 hours each day and how we prioritize them is up to us.  Sometimes I notice that I spend my whole day knowing I need to accomplish "Priority -A-" but I find every... Continue Reading →

Undisciplined or Disciplined?

This morning my new addition to the family, Baby Sky woke at the perfect time for a feeding, 5am. Instead of climbing back into bed after changing Sky's diaper and helping Kelly get into position, the coffee pot was started... Continue Reading →

Make Your LIfe Count – 5 Mile Run

Extremely excited to be seeing the progression along the journey. Don't hate your life, Don't waste your life; Get out there and do something great. This is your time so use it!

Sunday = Funday

11.41 Mile Bike = 34 Minutes Really fun bike ride I actually averaged 20.1176 MPH which is my fastest average speed yet.  The bike is really fun when the wind is not blowing directly in your face; well that isn't... Continue Reading →

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